Monday, June 25, 2012

mcu decryption

Thank you.We offer the service of chip decryption engineering service , code extraction engineering service, the chips we can decrypt includes Atmel chip. TI chips, cypress chips, renesas chip .Please contact us or view our website for more information.


  1. DSP code extraction
    IC break,MCU code extraction

    chip decryption
    dsp decryption
    Ic break
    Code extraction

  2. CYPRESS provide variety of high performance, mixed signal and programmmable solutions which can save lots of time for the clients'products coming into the market and provide great systematic value. The products of CYPRESS includes its flagship product PSoC, programmabe on-chip systems and its derived products, such as PowerPSoC, high voltage and LED lighting solutions, CapSense, touch-sensitive solutions and Truetouch
    screen solutions.CYPRESS is a worldwide leading brand in USB control field.The high performance West Bridge solution can enforce the connectivity of the multimedia mobile phones and promote their capability.Cypress is also leading brand in high performance memory and programmable timer device. Sypress can be applied for comsumption market , mobile phones, computer, data communication, automobiles, industries, military affairs.

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