Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Atmel SAM7L

Ultra Low-power Flash MCU with 100nA Power-down Mode
The Atmel® SAM7L is a high-performance, ultra-low power ARM7TDMI®-based microcontroller, offering reduced power consumption in active and standby modes. With power consumption levels as low as 100nA, the SAM7L is unique in its category. To achieve this, Atmel implements power-saving techniques such as programmable operating voltage and operating frequency, the use of DMA instead of the CPU for data transfers, and embedded power switches and voltage regulators. The extensive peripheral set includes a 40-segment LCD controller, USART, SPI, Timer Counter, RTC and ADC, as well as a complete set of system functions.
Key Features
Low power consumption — Consumes 0.5mA/MHz typical in active mode, 100nA in power down mode
Extensive peripherals and Segment LCD interface — Featuring an extensive peripheral set that includes USART, SPI, TWI, Timer/Counter, RTC, ADC, 40-segment LCDC. The LCD interface includes drivers and a programmable LCD power supply for contrast control.
Comprehensive ecosystem and tools — SAM7L microcontrollers are fully supported by a low-cost starter kit and a worldwide ecosystem of industry-leading suppliers of development tools, operating systems and protocol stacks.

SAM7L128 SAM7L64

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