Tuesday, August 14, 2012

TMS320C28x CPU

TMS320C28x CPU
The TMS320C28x family including TMS320F2810, MS320F2811,TMS320F2812,TMS320C2810,TMS320C2811, TMS320C2812.
The C28x? DSP generation is the newest member of the TMS320C2000? DSP platform. The C28x is
source code compatible to the 24x/240x DSP devices, hence existing 240x users can leverage their
significant software investment. Additionally, the C28x is a very efficient C/C++ engine, enabling users to
develop not only their system control software in a high-level language, but also enables math algorithms
to be developed using C/C++. The C28x is as efficient in DSP math tasks as it is in system control tasks
that typically are handled by microcontroller devices. This efficiency removes the need for a second
processor in many systems. The 32 x 32-bit MAC capabilities of the C28x and its 64-bit processing
capabilities, enable the C28x to efficiently handle higher numerical resolution problems that would
otherwise demand a more expensive floating-point processor solution. Add to this the fast interrupt
response with automatic context save of critical registers, resulting in a device that is capable of servicing
many asynchronous events with minimal latency. The C28x has an 8-level-deep protected pipeline with
pipelined memory accesses. This pipelining enables the C28x to execute at high speeds without resorting
to expensive high-speed memories. Special branch-look-ahead hardware minimizes the latency for
conditional discontinuities. Special store conditional operations further improve performance.

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