Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Improved Deterministic Performance for Real-time Applications
The Atmel® SAM7S/SE ARM7TDMI® Flash MCU provides a strong migration path for 8/16-bit microcontroller users seeking additional performance, extended memory, and optimized system integration. The products feature high-speed Flash, SRAM, and extensive peripherals, as well as a complete set of system functions to minimize the number of external components. Peripheral DMA Controller channels eliminate processor bottlenecks during peripheral-to-memory transfers to maximize performance. Selected devices feature an External Bus Interface that provides access to external NAND Flash, SDRAM, CompactFlash, SRAM and ROM storage.
Key Features
Extensive peripherals, uncompromised performance — Featuring an extensive peripheral set that includes USB 2.0 Device, USART, SPI, SSC, TWI, and an 8-channel 10-bit ADC. Architectured to maximize processor performance and efficiency.
Highly integrated design reduces costs and BOM — Combining the ARM7TDMI processor with on-chip Flash and SRAM, a wide range of peripheral functions and power and reset management on a single, integrated chip provides maximum flexibility, while minimizing the need for expensive additional components. The result is a streamlined bill of materials (BOM), faster development, and reduced cost.
Supports true in-application programming with dual-bank Flash — Flash memory on select models is arranged in two separate banks that allow the device to be programmed simultaneously with application execution. A dual-bank implementation protects the application against potentially catastrophic failure from unexpected power outages during firmware updates.
Comprehensive ecosystem and tools — To help speed development, SAM7S/SE microcontrollers are fully supported by a worldwide ecosystem of industry-leading suppliers of development tools, operating systems and protocol stacks.

SAM7S16 SAM7S161 SAM7S32 SAM7S321 SAM7S64 SAM7S128 SAM7S256 SAM7S512 SAM7SE32 SAM7SE256 SAM7SE512

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