Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Delivers Enhanced Connectivity
The Atmel® SAM3X ARM® Cortex™-M3 Flash-based microcontroller (MCU) brings more connectivity to the SAM3 family by adding Ethernet, dual CAN and high-speed USB (HS USB) MiniHost and device with on-chip physical layer (PHY). Devices feature a dual-bank configuration of 256KB and 512KB Flash total and are available in 100-pin and 144-pin QFP and BGA package options. The architecture is designed to support high-speed data transfers and includes a multi-layer bus matrix plus dual SRAM banks, direct memory access (DMA) channels and peripheral DMA controller (PDC) for applications supporting multi-task operations. The SAM3X series is ideal for networking applications in the industrial embedded market and in home and building automation, smart grids and industrial automation.
Key Features
Optimized for Connectivity — With its architecture and peripherals including Ethernet, dual CAN and HS USB MiniHost and device with on-chip PHY, the SAM3X is optimized for applications requiring high levels of connectivity.
Atmel QTouch Capacitive Touch Support — The SAM3X is touch-ready, offering native support for Atmel QTouch® technology for easy implementation of buttons, sliders and wheels functionality in your applications.
Enhanced Safety and Security — A variety of features integrated into the SAM3X series provide safety and security for your system. For example, dual-bank Flash enables safe in-system firmware upgrades. On-the-fly external memory scrambling on the 16-bit external bus interface enhances the protection of your external memory content, without impacting system performance. In addition, the SAM3X offers clock failure detection and a true random number generator.
Low Power Consumption — All SAM3 MCUs feature a sophisticated, flexible power management scheme that minimizes power consumption under all usage conditions. You can put the devices in back-up mode with the core and peripherals powered down, reducing power down to 2.5uA for the SAM3X series. A high-speed on-chip RC oscillator accelerates wake-up from back-up mode, further reducing average power consumption.


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